Remember when there were no protests against the American flag? Remember when our professional athletes proudly stood for the national anthem at the beginning of a game. Remember when you could ride your bicycle to school without fear as a child, and mom had cookies baking when you returned at the end of your school day?

Sadly, our younger generations have never known this America. Today our youth experience school shootings in lieu of morning prayer and the pledge of allegiance. Mass rioting by anarchist groups is now more commonplace than evangelical rallies or camping out with mom and dad. The older generations no longer recognize this America, and the youth have never seen “our America.”

While one representative cannot totally alter the direction of a nation, that one representative can “start the movement” to change direction and begin restoring this great nation. Remember, it was “only one” (Sam Adams) who began recruiting his accomplices to start the Revolution to free our country from a tyrannical King. Ezra Scott seeks to take the flag up the hill and begin the fight to restore this great nation to her status as the beacon for all liberty-seeking countries to follow.

Ezra’s loyalty and love for America stem from his rural raising in Southwest Michigan and his over four decades of marriage to his wife. As a County Commissioner and board member who has fought for years to protect the shores of Lake Michigan, Ezra knows how to fight for a good cause. Ezra’s lifelong faith in God, his honesty, his openness, and his passion will no doubt be a welcoming change to those who seek to have a Congressional Representative who will actually listen to the desires of his district.


I am 64 years old and I have been married to my wife Katherine for 46 years. we have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I have lived in Berrien County my entire life, and have been a County Commissioner for 3 terms serving 5 years. I am the Vice-Chair of the Board (for the last 2 years) and serve on the Finance committee where I am a fiscal hawk questioning everything. My biggest responsibility is serving the people and managing their tax dollars in the most fiscally responsible way.

I am a retired Correctional Lieutenant from the state of Indiana serving 15 years, and a small business owner, owning various commercial properties in Berrien County.

As a county Commissioner, I took an oath to uphold the constitution (as written) and I take that oath seriously, and I will not waiver, for any reason. I believe in the sanctity of life, freedom for all, less government, and our GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS, to not be infringed upon, PERIOD. I am a firm supporter of TERM LIMITS and feel 12 years is the term for all, 6-2 year terms for Congressman, and 2-6 year terms for Senators.

Communication is the key, we must discuss the real issues and i am happy to talk with you anytime.