It’s Child Abuse

Last night, President Trump brought the subject up in his speech at Greenwood, Nebraska (May 1, 2022). 

What in God’s good name are we doing in this nation? Teaching our children about gays, lesbians, transgenders, and more to 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10-year-old children.

For months now, I have had the defunding of the Department of Education as one of my central campaign themes. And the more I learn about what our babies are being taught in school today, the more I am driven to fight like hell to accomplish this. 

You have all read that in some schools across our nation, young children are even being groomed to change what their original sex is. They take little Bob and convince him that he is really little Brenda, and visa/versa. And the worst part? The parents have no clue as they are doing this with great secrecy.

Enough is enough!

When our mathematics, science, and other subjects are being ranked in the 20s and 30s globally, we need to be teaching these subjects and not sexuality to young children. In some schools in Michigan, we have high school seniors graduating who can only read at a 5th-grade level. To me, this is obscene. We are not doing these young people any favors by turning them out in the world with only basic reading skills.

As I said, “enough is enough.” As your next Congressman from the 5th District of Michigan, you have my word that I will offer legislation and fight to get co-sponsors to defund the Department of Education. 

The fact is, our PTA’s, Teachers, Parents, and School boards in Hillsdale, Monroe, Three Rivers, and Jackson can do a far better job of teaching our children than liberal bureaucrats in Washington, D. C.

Ezra Scott

Candidate for Congress-5th District of Michigan