Ezra’s Thoughts on the Recent SCOTUS Developments

I first want to say; that I genuinely hope they find who leaked Justice Alito’s opinion on Roe V Wade. And when they do, hopefully, they prosecute him or her to the fullest extent of the law. It is truly a sad day for our nation when such a sacred breach is used for social and political purposes to do nothing more than cause mayhem to cause the Justices problems. This is despicable.

For the longest time now, Many Justices have stated that the original Roe V Wade ruling was a terrible law. Justice Ginsberg even eluded to this, including Justice Scalia and many others.

The fact is, the original Roe V Wade stripped States Rights, which, as we all know, is unconstitutional. By striking down (if it comes to pass), the rights of Alabama, North Dakota, Colorado, and Texas will be returned to their States Legislatures to determine the viability of abortion in their respective states. The citizens of our 50 States will decide if abortion should be legal or at what level it should be legal.

I am very much Pro-Life and believe that life begins at conception, as many of you know. As a United States Congressman, I will never be asked to vote on anything that legalizes or denies this subject. However, I will say that if I am asked to fund “Planned Parenthood,” I can assure you that I will not be voting to do so.

For 50-some years, this nation has had nothing short of genocide against defenseless children legal. For 50-plus years, billions of prayers have been cast toward heaven for someone or something to intervene to save these precious lives. God has answered these prayers by using five individuals to finally put a stop to this, at least at some level. And for that, I am grateful, as I hope you are as well.

We cannot call ourselves humanitarians and compassionate as a nation when we support the wholesale slaughter of innocent life.

Know this, my fellow Americans; I will always vote to support and defend life where it is applicable. 

Ezra Scott

Candidate for United States Congress 5th District of Michigan