Ezra Wishes Happy Mother’s Day

From the beginning of time, mom’s have been our biggest cheerleaders. When we faced defeat, they wiped our noses and showered us with love.

It is moms who, more often than not, teach us patience, kindness, compassion, empathy, and decency. In my case, mom taught me to share, use proper language in public, and even taught me which fork to use when dining out. 

Today, our mothers are facing challenges never before seen in our society. Moms are being forced to go to war with school systems over questionable material being taught to their young ones. 

I learned early on in life you do not get between a mother sow (bear) and her cubs. There is nothing more dangerous or fierce than a protective mama bear. And the same holds true for humanity. Mothers will fight to protect their babies, and today we are witnessing this with many school systems across America. 

This is why I am offering (if elected to Congress) legislation that will have tax dollars follow the student, whereby moms can send their children to the school they choose. The bill will be titled “It’s Mom’s Money.”

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, shower your mom with the love and respect that she deserves. Moms are our protectors, counselors, advocates, and best friends.

We wish you a safe, blessed, and very Happy Mother’s Day from the Scott family. 

Ezra Scott