Ezra Scott offers Thoughts on Biden’s “Ministry of Truth”

For decades the Democrat Party has enjoyed the cover, spinning, and outright lies by mass media. For instance, when Bill Clinton was caught having a liaison with a White House Intern, it was all about “our sex-life is a private matter, and we should all turn our heads and ignore it.” And this was the message for month after month. 

Then came Big-Tech with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tic-Tok. Everyone had a platform to share their personal videos, news clips, thoughts, photos, and more. 

What nobody realized at the time was the owners of these social media platforms would be (politically speaking) on the left side of the aisle. This is America, and one is certainly entitled to be whatever they want to be, HOWEVER.

What ended up happening was that Mark Zuckerberg (the owner of Facebook) figured out a way to control algorithms to control what you put out on his platform. In other words, if you put out an article or post on Facebook that was critical of Hillary Clinton (during the 2016 election) and it was pro-Donald Trump, your post may only be seen by a fraction of the people you were friends with. However, if you put out a post critical of Trump, the entire world viewed it. And this was just one of the ways that Big Tech helped control the narrative that Trump was bad, America needed Hillary Clinton, and all was good.

Now that the Democrat Party had Social Media, the Mainstream Media, and the bulk of the cable news stations in their back pocket, they had a massive advantage over free speech and the Republican Party. In other words, the Democrat Party was and is controlling what the American people see and hear on the news. They are literally controlling the very thoughts we all have about current events, politics, and anything else they deem worthy for us to hear or see.

As if he arrived on Angel Wings, the multi-billionaire Elon Musk (who happens to be from the nation of South Africa) said; This is America; we are supposed to have Free-Speech. When Twitter began (and very clearly, I might add) censoring Free-Speech by banning high-profile conservatives from posting their thoughts, he decided to act on it. He began negotiations to purchase the massive social media platform.

Some $44-Billion dollars later, he sent an arrow through the heart of the Democrat Party. Now the world has a tremendous voice to share their viewpoints, news, ideas, and more in an uncensored environment. This apparently was too much for the Democrats to stomach.

In a panic over Republicans having a share of this vast social media network and Twitter bringing back many high-profile conservative voices, Joe Biden has decided to create “The Ministry of Truth.”

According to Biden, the new Ministry of Truth is to be placed under “The Department of Homeland Security.” As everyone knows, Homeland Security has virtually unlimited power to protect our nation. 

Remember Joseph Goebbels? He was in charge of a “Ministry of Truth” of sorts for Adolph Hitler. Is this really where we want to go in America? 

We have a 1st Amendment in this nation. We are to be free to say whatever we want to say as long as it doesn’t readily endanger the general public. IE: You can’t yell fire in a movie theater because people get trampled and injured unless there is an actual fire. 

After decades of “proof” of just how underhanded and outright proven liars the mainstream media is and how far the social media platforms are willing to serve the Democrat Party, is it safe to have a Ministry of Truth? 

The fact is, it would not be a Ministry of Truth; it would be nothing more than a dictatorial government agency to control free speech. The only speech which would be allowed would be that which endorses and supports socialism, Marxism, and those ideals for the Democrat Party. 

We simply cannot allow this infusion of outright communism into our government and lives. 

Ezra Scott

Candidate for United States Congress