Ezra Scott Gives Statement on Abortion and the Recent Supreme Court Fiasco

Normally I offer my thoughts on a subject, and the statement stands as my “official position.” However, this recent leak at the Supreme Court seems to be fluid, and the fact is, the turmoil around it appears to be growing rather than subsiding.


The law is clear; thou shalt not intimidate a Justice in an effort to sway their opinions on cases. It is a felony to do so. 

When you have mobs of people showing up at a Supreme’s home protesting, shouting, threatening, and more, it is never more evident than they are attempting to sway the Justices’ minds on the case. 

Now my question is; Why is the District Attorney, Attorney General, FBI, Capitol Hill, Virginia, Maryland, or the Mayberry Sheriff not arresting these people? Where is Marrick Garland? Why is the White House silent on such a flagrant law-breaking episode?  


These protests at the homes of the Justice are but one example of the near-total lawlessness of this Administration.

We now know that the Administration broke Constitutional law regarding COVID lockdowns, mask mandates, forced vaccines, etc. Then we have the border issue. Laws and plenty of immigration regulations are in place, yet this Administration is ignoring all of them. Again, nothing is being done to stop Joe Biden from flooding our nation with illegal immigrants.

What Joe Biden, the Administration, and the Democrat Party are putting on full display for the American people and the world is; Laws are only relevant to everyone else but us! We can do as we will because it is what we believe that matters. If we don’t like the law, we ignore it.   

Thoughts on Abortion in General

To witness thousands upon thousands of people so willing even to commit a felony (by protesting at Kavanaugh’s, and Alito’s home) is beyond troubling. 

In one of his novels, the acclaimed author Robert Heinlein once wrote (I can’t remember which one, just remember the quote); Any society that does not revere its women and children is doomed for failure.

To prove his point, The Chimú Empire of Peru (some 550-years ago) all but destroyed itself by sacrificing it children to a diety. The city-state of ancient Carthage was a Phoenician colony located in what is now Tunisia. It operated from around 800BC until 146BC when the Romans destroyed it. They too were guilty of child sacrifice and were destroyed.

Two of the more famous civilizations to fall were the Incas and the Aztecs. Both were well known for child sacrifices.

While many ancient civilizations did, in fact, give up their babies to “Diety” and “God,” America is sacrificing its babies to something far worse. The bulk of our child sacrifice is to “SELF.” Self-indulgence, self-convenience, and likely the worst of all, self-ego. “I don’t have time to be pregnant; I want to go to cheerleading camp this summer and cannot be pregnant. He was only my boyfriend; I don’t want his baby. Then there is the old, “It was just a one-night stand.” 

While there are extenuating circumstances such as incest or rape, these numbers are but a mere fraction in terms of the number of abortions performed at Planned Parenthood annually.

As Christians and people of faith, I think it is fair to ask, “How much longer can we expect God to bless this nation when we slaughter millions of his children a year?” 

Are we witnessing the demise of this once great nation? We are tens of trillions in debt. We have soaring crime and people screaming, “get rid of our police.” We are embroiled in wars in foreign lands (where we don’t belong), and we are teaching our sons that they are little girls, not boys. In Portland, you can now obtain tampons in the boy’s bathrooms in the school. Is our nation losing its collective mind? 

It is time for some old-fashioned horse common sense to be on Capitol Hill. This insanity has to stop. 

Ezra Scott