Ezra Scott Addresses the Mass Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

The Ezra Scott Congressional Campaign wants to first offer our deepest condolences and prayers to all those affected by the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

There is never an excuse for this sort of carnage, particularly against innocent children. 

Unfortunately, as with this incident and other similar events, the Democrat Party offers their sympathies, then immediately reverts to “we must get rid of the guns.”

As simplistic as this sounds like a solution to the problem of gun violence, guns are not the problem for a killer’s mentality. You’ve heard it before, but the fact is, if a mentally deranged killer wants to kill, they will find a way to kill. This is evidenced by the Boston Bombers, the crazy man in Neice France who drove a van through a crowd of people on a street; then, of course, we have stabbings, homemade bombs, and even baseball bats. Killers are going to kill is the issue. Chicago would be nearly crime-free if more laws were the solution, but they aren’t. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, yet look at their murder rates. 

We heard President Biden address the nation an hour after arriving back in our Nation’s Capitol last night. After his offering of condolences to the victims’ families, he immediately launched into political rhetoric regarding stricter background checks. WE ALREADY HAVE STRICT BACKGROUND CHECKS. This is a bogus argument for implementing stringent “Red-Flag Laws,” which in most cases are very unconstitutional because they trample your constitutional right to “Due Process.”

While this solution will not rid our nation of gun violence in heavily populated areas with gangs, it will cut down school shootings dramatically. Our Police, DEA, ATF, and sheriff’s Departments are the ones who need to clean up the gang violence in our inner cities. And the fact is, they could if they were allowed to do so. The sad truth is that there is just too much money involved in drugs, and we have too much corruption.

The school shooting issue can be addressed with this simple statement. Shooters target unarmed victims. It is simple as that. If a shooter knows they will face 3-5-10 trained adults shooting back, the shooter will likely not target that site. 

In America, we have thousands upon thousands of retired military personnel and police officers. Every community in this nation has retired Marines, Army, Naval Law Enforcement, Sheriff Deputies, Police Officers, and other law enforcement personnel. It would be effortless to staff two or three of these folks at each school. Most, if not all, are already licensed to carry, and they are trained in gun safety and when to shoot and not shoot. 

In addition, the NRA and other licensed gun associations can go into each school and train those teachers and staff on gun safety and how to handle a situation. Now you have a dozen or more people at each school who are armed and can stop another incident such as Uvalde, Texas. 

I can promise you that a retired Sheriff’s Deputy would much rather monitor the hallways of our schools than sit at the door at Walmart greeting customers.

My last comment is, President Biden, all guns are assault weapons when used against unarmed innocent citizens. Whether that rifle is a 22 caliber or a 50 caliber machine gun, it is still an assault weapon when misused. If you want a full-scale revolution in this nation, announce that you’re coming for 250-million Americans’ guns. You will have an uprising of epic proportions. 

As your next United States Congressman from Michigan, you have my word of honor that I will never vote in any fashion to restrict your Second Amendment Rights under our Constitution. 

Ezra Scott