Ezra Scott Addresses the Dangers of Biden’s Foreign Policy or Lack There Of

The conspiracy theorist says that Biden has supported Ukraine in its war with Russia due to Quid-Pro-Quo and Ukraine paying the Biden family astronomical amounts of cash. These allegations go back to when Biden was Vice-President and the relationship with his son and a relationship with a Ukrainian Energy Company.  

Personally speaking, I have no way of knowing if this is true, but the fact is, yes, it does appear suspicious.

With that said, we are now embroiled in what can only be described as a Proxy War with Russia primarily because we are sending Ukraine vast amounts of military hardware. In doing so, it has been reported that the United States is depleting its stockpile of Javelin (anti-tank) rockets and Stinger (anti-aircraft) missiles. This is in addition to trainloads of cash, medical supplies, ammunition, and truckloads of rifles and other assorted supplies.

This war began in Ukraine primarily because when former President Trump was President, he managed to keep Ukraine at bay on their desire to join NATO. When Biden became President, of course, this all changed. Russian President Vladimir Putin time and again warned Ukraine, “stay out of NATO.” He was serious about keeping NATO off his Southern Border, as we now know.

Now it seems that Finland and Sweden are making overtures to join NATO and Joe Biden is placing the United States neck-deep in that pending fiasco. Just as Putin did not want NATO on its Southern Border, he doesn’t want NATO on his Western Border either and has made comments to that effect. In fact, he has threatened a nuclear conflict if Finland joins NATO. 

This brings into question, “why is Joe Biden pushing” Finland and Sweden into joining NATO and even telling them we will clear a path for them to do so in the face of such threats? Why is Joe Biden provoking Russia, which possesses thousands of nuclear warheads, an Army of over 1-million men, and tens of thousands of tanks? 

If Russia does happen to attack Finland, we (because we are allies) are forced into a direct conflict with the Red Army.

As if we were not busy enough in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, now Joe Biden is poking China’s President Xi.

Yesterday at a news conference in Japan, Biden was asked if the United States would defend Taiwan if China decided to invade the tiny nation. His answer was “YES.” 


Any way you slice it, Joe Biden now has the United States set up to go to war with the other two global superpowers. What is this man thinking? I hesitate to think, but I have to believe that somebody in this White House has to be shuddering at his statements.

It is a known fact that Biden has been cutting our military budget, and to go to war with China would be nothing less than catastrophic for America and the rest of the world. The world knows that China has a massive military, front-line fighter jets, nuclear weapons, and a reasonably large Navy. In other words, China would be the most significant enemy we have ever faced in our history, and now our President is provoking their leader. Fighting China would be nothing like invading Cuba or Somalia. We would incur massive losses of life and military hardware. 

This is why we conservatives must, and I repeat, MUST win big this November to hopefully stop this insanity currently occupying the Oval Office. Please visit my donation page, and let’s fight to stop this pending train wreck. 


Ezra Scott