Ezra Scott Addresses the Current State of Affairs in Ukraine

In January, I wrote an opinion piece on the United States getting involved in Ukraine. I said then, as I do today, “This will not end well for America.” 

As of today, more and more high-level Russian Generals and even the Russian media are leaking out that Vladimir Putin would rather use nuclear or other WMDs on Ukraine than admit or suffer defeat.

On the surface, one would think, “this is propaganda” being put out. And it may be, however. Who knows Putin’s mindset better than anyone other than maybe his children? In America, we have watched Putin for decades. He is a very proud man, very intelligent, and does what he says he will do. He has an enormous ego, and he is very powerful in Russia. And the worst part? He has publically threatened to use nuclear weapons on Ukraine if the West doesn’t back away from this conflict. 

At this point in time, it is evident that Vladimir Putin is not deterred by NATO’s threats, nor is he concerned with America putting troops on the ground primarily because Biden has made it abundantly clear that we will not get involved at that level. 

One has also to consider that Putin’s patience is beginning to wear thin as he is becoming more frustrated as the days and weeks pass without being able to claim victory over Ukraine. A significant reason “why” is America’s supplying the Javelin missiles (anti-tank) and the Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. This is in addition to billions of dollars worth of other military hardware, rifles, and cash.

Putin has threatened a nuclear conflict if the United States doesn’t back off, and I believe that we need to do so. We must weigh the costs if Putin does carry out his threats. Hypothetically speaking, what if he does carry out his threat of using nuclear weapons on Ukraine if we keep supplying Ukraine’s Army with weapons? How many will die if he uses these weapons? Then how does America respond? Do we go nuclear over a nation with no immediate strategic benefit for the United States? 

Is this worth it? In my estimation, I believe it is highly likely that Putin does go nuclear if this war doesn’t turn in his favor in the very near future. 

Now, we must ask ourselves, is this worth it? Is Ukraine starting WWIII over? Is it worth the potential for a nuclear holocaust to be involved in Ukraine?

We are now witnessing the high cost of “Quid-Pro-Quo” involving Hunter and Joe Biden and Ukraine. This happens when you have a United States of America President compromised by a foreign government. 

Ezra Scott

Candidate for United States Congress District 5 Michigan