Ezra Scott Addresses Monkeypox, COVID, Democrats, and the 2022 Midterm Elections

Forget the science, the rumors, the mass-media explanations, the lies, the coverups, and everything else you’re being told. As my grandfather used to say, “there is a rat in the woodpile.” And in this case, never a truer statement will be or could be made. 

Sometimes in life, occurrences become blurry, we all get confused, we try (and even stay up late at night) to figure out the answers, and they just don’t seem to come easily.

I referenced my grandfather a moment ago, and I think I will do it again. He was a wise old man who seemed to have the answers to everything in life. 

  1. Grandpa Trueism; If you want to find the answer to a political question, follow the money! 
  2. Grandpa Trueism; If you’re wondering and everything is confusing, use horse sense (common sense); it works every time.


  • Big Pharma has earned billions upon billions of taxpayer money on the sale of “vaccines” for COVID over the past two years. 
  • The COVID lockdowns and panic created the ideal incubator for the Democrat Party to mail out tens of millions of ballots (and we now know millions were deceased voters and voters who had relocated) in the 2020 election. And now we know the results. (Side note); I had ballots come to my house for my parents, who had never lived at my residence and have been deceased for years. 
  • In the past few days, we have only learned of something called the Monkeypox. Apparently, this “relative” of Smallpox has been around for decades upon decades in Africa. With only a handful of cases in Europe, the nation of Belgium is already locking down, and panic is spreading across the entire continent.
  • Miraculously Big Pharma, in only a few days, has come with yet more vaccines, and 13-million doses have already been manufactured.

As the former Mayor of Chicago and Barack Obama Senior Advisor Rahm Emmanuel once said; Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Are we about to see Deja-Vu Covid-19 crisis reappear in time for the 2022 Midterm elections?

We know from all indicators that the Democrats will suffer the worst defeats in the party’s history this November. We know the House of Representatives will lose upwards of sixty Democrats who Republicans will replace. We know that a half-dozen Senate seats will fall to the Republicans as well.

Are the Democrat Governors, Joe Biden, and company setting us up for yet more forced vaccines, lockdowns, elections by mail-in ballot, and billions more earned for Big Pharma? 

My last question is this; Will the American people stand for yet another round of this unconstitutional abuse of power? Only time will tell.

I cannot resist; I have one last question; What happened to the invasion of the Murder Hornets that were supposed to take over our lives?  

Ezra Scott

Candidate for U. S. Congress 5th District of Michigan