Michigan Congressional Candidate Seeks to Abolish the Department of Education

Campaign Statements

Michigan’s 5th District (new 5th District) Congressional candidate Ezra Scott has been causing quite a stir at the campaign and Republican events recently. It seems that Mr. Scott has come up with a rather bold and brash idea to dissolve the Department of Education created in 1980 by then-President Jimmy Carter. 

When Mr. Scott was asked “WHY” do you want to defund and abolish the DOE, Scott almost became giddy when answering. “Hey, look, let’s be honest here; what does an overpaid bureaucrat in Washington, D. C. know about educating our children in Lansing or Grand Rapids?

Since the creation of the DOE, which by the way was nothing more than a payoff to the teacher’s unions for helping Carter get elected, our global education position for our children has done nothing but fall rather than get better. According to the Pew Research Center, we rank 38th globally in math and 24th in science. The fact is, Michigan and the local PTA’s, parents, and school systems need to manage our education system” 

Scott continued, “We spend upwards of $70-Billion annually on a failing bureaucracy. I am proposing to let the money follow the child rather than give it to Capitol Hill. If the parents want to change schools, let them, and the money goes with the child. Our education system needs an overhaul, and this is a good place to start. Don’t believe me? Watch one of my speeches, and you will see everyone in the room stand and applaud when I suggest this.

Ezra concluded that this legislation’s name would be “It’s Mom’s Money.