Campaign Statements

Since March of 2021, I have campaigned for the United States House of Representatives. 

Over the past year, I have made and met thousands of great people and friends. While on the campaign trail, many of these great Americans have shared countless stories of struggles, triumphs, and concerns with me.

One of my standard questions to potential voters is always, “what do you think is the biggest problem in Washington, D.C.?” Without question, 99% of the time, the answer is; “they are all corrupt, lie, cheat, and steal.” I then follow with, “so you don’t see any difference between the Democrats and Republicans?” No is more often than not the answer, with “they are all the same anymore.” 

Yesterday, April the 19th, was D-Day for Candidates to turn in their petitions signed, sealed, and delivered to the Michigan Secretary of States’ office in Lansing. It was a beautiful day to drive up to Lansing for my 2:15 PM appointment to deliver my petitions and be placed on the ballot for Congress as a Republican. 

When exiting my pickup truck, I looked at the stack of ballots resting on my seat and said, “NO, I cannot do this. I cannot go to Washington and effectively represent my District if the Republican Party owns me.” Nothing will change if I owe my allegiance to a political party. President George Washington did not have a political party. If I am to properly be a voice, I need to be able to shout from the mountain tops without facing retribution from Lobbyists; Political Action Committees are Political Parties. I need to be INDEPENDENT!  

With that said, I did visit the Secretary of State’s office and informed them that I would be registering as an Independent candidate. I withdrew my petitions and headed for home with a renewed spirit of conviction that I can do far better for my District and constituents if I owe no allegiances to a party failing to adhere to their planks and platform. I agree that if a change is to happen and things are to get better, we must speak the truth on Capitol Hill and not simply parrot party lines. 

I look forward to a robust campaign season and being able to address the concerns of the District properly, offer solutions with a clear conscience, and know that I am serving “We the People.”