Ezra Scott Responds to the Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmyhal Interview with CBS Correspondent Margaret Brennan

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On Sunday, April 24th, CBS Correspondent Margaret Brennan interviewed Ukraine Prime Minister Shmyhal. Usually, this would have been an interview that not too many people would have noticed. However!

A little over 3-minutes into the interview, the Prime Minister informs the United States that “WE” have an obligation to fund Ukraine monetarily as we as are militarily. This includes funding pensions and retirement plans for the Ukraine people as well as the politicians. Yes, the Prime Minister of Ukraine told an American Journalist on the Sunday morning program “Face the Nation” that the United States taxpayers should fund all of Ukraine’s retirement plans and prop up their economy along with their military in their war with Vladimir Putin. 

You may watch the video below

While I am sympathetic to the people of Ukraine because of this war, and yes, I truly am. Nobody deserves to have their nation obliterated by one of the mightiest militaries on earth. And, let’s face it, that is what is happening. Still, expecting the American people to fund government employees and politicians’ retirement accounts in a foreign nation is beyond absurd.

To ask the welder in Niles, Michigan, or the plumber in Jackson, Michigan, to fund some politician’s retirement in a foreign land 6,000 miles away is almost criminal to me. 

Our Michigan taxpayers face unprecedented inflation costs at the gas pumps and grocery stores, yet this government (and worse yet, our Congress) wants to assist Ukraine financially? We have sent them billions upon billions in military hardware and run the risk of starting a full-blown hot war with Russia in our efforts to to aid Ukraine. 

We do not need to rub more salt in the wounds of our hardworking Michigan and American citizens by sending more cash and running up more debt. I think $30 Trillion in the hole is enough. 

Ezra Scott

Candidate for Congress in the 5th District of Michigan