Ezra Scott Responds to the Biden Administration’s New Masks Mandates

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As with our Southern Border, this administration does not seem to care much about the laws of the United States of America. They seem to disregard them at every turn. 

When U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle recently struck down the masks mandates on airliners, commuter trains, and other public transportation, the Biden Administration went into crisis mode. Why? 

What possible reason could the federal government (under Democrat control) have for wanting our citizens to wear masks? We know that most infectious disease medical experts say, “they are largely ineffective unless you’re wearing a certain type of mask.” So why is this administration so hell-bent on forcing our citizens to wear a mask when riding a bus, train, or flying? Why are they challenging this Judge’s ruling in a higher court?

Recently Dr. Fauci came out with a public statement stating that a “new strain of COVID has been detected, and we may be forced back into lockdowns.” 

The facts are, we are not losing any more of our citizens today from COVID than we are from the flu, pneumonia, or any other reasonably severe illness. With all of the new therapeutics, steroids, and vaccines, COVID today is very treatable, and most infected citizens are not even being hospitalized. 

Since the White House lifted its mask mandates for visitors and the media, I have to ask again, why is Biden so hell-bent on forcing the rest of us to wear masks on public transportation?

Fox News Contributor Dan Bongino said it best on his pod-cast Friday night. “The politicians and bureaucrats who run almost all major cities, many states, and the federal executive branch seem to care more about preserving the symbol of their authority that mask mandates represent than about the actual physical safety of citizens.”  

I happen to agree with Mr. Bongino. Joe Biden and company are scrambling to keep some level of these masks mandates in force so they can, at some point this summer, force Americans back into heavier restrictions to once again alter this November’s election results with drop boxes and millions of mail-in ballots. 

The reality is, the Democrat Party and Biden know full well their days are numbered for retaining power. They know full well they will suffer massive losses in both the House and Senate in November. By having Dr. Fauci come with a new plague and having these masks mandates in force, they can simply expand them under the fear of the pandemic worsening and scare seniors and many more into staying home and doing the mail-in ballots, which they can alter as they did in 2020. 

America, it is time “We the People” stand up and say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” 

As your next Congressman, I can assure you; I will be protesting and screaming from the mountain tops. 

In Liberty; 

Ezra Scott

Candidate for United States Congress 5th District Michigan