Rock Star, Hunting Icon, and Nature Conservationist Ted Nugent has endorsed Ezra Scott for Congress


Today, Michigan Congressional Candidate Ezra Scott received the coveted endorsement of one of Michigan’s favorite sons, rocker Ted Nugent.

In the following statement, Nugent said; My beloved great birth state of Michigan needs a warrior for God, country, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and law and order. Ezra Scott represents the heart and soul of the best families in Michigan to return her to her glory. He’s the real deal.

In response to the endorsement, the Ezra Scott campaign said; We are so honored to have received Mr. Ted Nugent’s full endorsement.

Mr. Nugent represents hunters and patriotism that runs deep in this great nation. Ted has a long history of fighting for our citizen’s constitutional rights and, in particular, our 2’nd Amendment. We are thrilled with his endorsement and hope to live up to his bar for all candidates and representatives.