Michigan Congressional Candidate Garners Conservative Group’s Endorsement


Michigan Conservative Republican Congressional Candidate Ezra Scott gained a significant endorsement for his campaign for Congress yesterday. 

The national conservative group known as “Eighty-Million-Patriots” decided to throw their voting clout behind the Scott for Congress campaign. 

In a Facebook post on the group’s page, Eighty-Million-Patriots wrote;  80MillionPatriots.com wholeheartedly endorses Ezra Scott running for U.S. Congress for Michigan.

80 million patriots endorse Ezra Scott for Congress

Today in our great nation, our citizens are both frustrated and afraid. Anarchist groups routinely riot, burn, loot, and even murder under the guises of “political protests.” Our school systems teach “altered” American history while threatening parents if they voice opposition. And almost daily, more freedoms and liberties are being scrapped for political correctness and more control by the Federal and State Governments. That is why we need Ezra in the U.S. Congress representing Michigan and Americans throughout our great nation.