Michigan Congressional Candidate Ezra Scott blasts Joe Biden’s Voter Speech as Anti-American and a power-grab

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Ken Crow

Michigan’s 5th District House of Representative’s candidate Ezra Scott was left shaking his head in disbelief after Joe Biden completed his speech in Atlanta on Tuesday.

After watching Biden’s speech, Scott made a statement saying, “ I honestly never thought I would hear a more racist and anti-American speech come from a President of the United States than I heard today.”

When asked “why” he felt that way, Ezra Scott responded; What this President wants to do is usurp and seize more States rights with yet another federal power-grab. Voter laws and integrity have for 250-years been left to the States under Article 1-Section 4 of the United States Constitution. And now Biden wants to take that power from the States, which means he is seizing “We the People’s” rights to govern ourselves through our States Legislatures. This is nothing short of a big-government power-grab of our respective rights and privileges.  

Scott continued with; The part of this that is the most sickening to me is that Republicans are supposed to be for smaller government, and we actually have some Republicans willing to sign on to this legislation. That is truly frightening. The fact is, if this legislation passes the United States Senate, we will have almost zero voter integrity left in this nation.

Because of Biden’s open-door policy at the border, the Democrats will have seized control of our government for infinity. We will never see another Republican in the White House. When illegal aliens are crossing the border, being handed cash and plane tickets, and with Biden’s Voter Integrity of showing an ID to vote not being law any longer, anyone and everyone can vote who is not a citizen of this nation.

These policies are already in place in States such as California and New York and many others. All of the states with no Voter ID being presented are Blue States. In the States where Voter ID is required, such as Tennessee, Iowa, Texas, Kansas, and more, these states are Red States. Now think about why Joe Biden is trying to restrict voter integrity.