Ezra Scott’s Response to Big Tech Squashing Free Speech

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This past weekend, yet another conservative voice has been silenced from the social media platform known as Twitter.

Then, Facebook announced they too would get in on the act and silence the Georgia Congresswoman’s account for 24-hours.


Twitter’s excuse (for the lifetime ban) was that Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was spreading “misinformation” regarding the pandemic virus COVID-19. Facebook’s reasoning was the same as Twitter; she was spreading false information about COVID19 issues regarding mask-wearing, vaccines, and illness and death from the vaccines.

Congresswoman Greene is but another in a long list of conservative voices (to include President Trump) shunned and silenced by the social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook, to name but a few.

Due to the fact that in today’s society, social media has become one of the significant outlets for “freedom of speech,” it is time the government step in and stop this abuse by the liberals who happen to own these outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

I am fully aware that these platforms are largely privately owned, and the government should do all it can to avoid interfering with private enterprise. However, when private enterprise becomes so large that it takes over a majority of an industry, it has entered a position where the public’s well-being must be considered. It is no longer a question of “are these social media platforms inhibiting free speech, but how bad is it?”

Once I am elected to the House of Representatives, I pledge to write legislation to stop this abuse of all American’s rights to free speech via social media. If these companies desire to be an outlet for opinions and voices, then they need to be for all of America, not just their preferred political party.

— Ezra Scott