Ezra Scott Observes National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

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January 9, 2022, is both a day of somber reflection and a day of celebration for Michigan Congressional Candidate Ezra Scott.

Having worked in law enforcement for nearly two decades as an Indiana Correctional Officer, Ezra is fully aware of the dangers that law enforcement officers face on a daily basis.

On a cold New Years’ Eve night back in 1971, Ezra first learned of these dangers when he lost two close friends who were young Michigan State Troopers.

All being from the same small Southwestern Michigan town, Troopers  Charles Stark and Gary Rampy were assassinated when they made a routine traffic stop of a suspected drunk driver. Both troopers were shot multiple times and died at the scene. 

Some forty-five years later, when Ezra was elected a County Commissioner for Berrien County, Michigan, Commissioner Scott would get a 2.5-mile section of the highway running through the county named in honor of these fallen hero’s.

Ezra’s devotion to law enforcement did not end there.

It would be Commissioner Scott who led the charge, raised funds, and had New Buffalo’s Police Department assigned their first K-9 Cop to aid in crime-fighting for the area. In fact, Ezra donated the first $1,000 to this effort himself. 

Some politicians talk a good game when it comes to supporting our troops and law enforcement. It sounds suitable for the media, the public likes it, and we appreciate it as voters. Then there are those who actually do something about it and put their money, time, love, sweat, and tears behind the efforts to support, recognize and honor our heroes. 

Ezra Scott is one of those who put action behind words.


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