Ezra Scott’s COVID-19 Response

Campaign Statements

Fox 22 reports that the United States has had its first Omnicron fatality.

I want to be clear about my position on this pandemic so that there is no doubt where I stand. Yes, I believe that COVID is real and can be dangerous.

I know this first hand as I did contract the virus, and believe me, it is no fun. While believing that the virus is very contagious, I also believe that a multitude of flu viruses are infectious, as is the common cold.

While believing that COVID is a nasty virus that can cause many issues, including being fatal, we have many other diseases that often cause the same results.

The unfortunate truth is, from the beginning of this pandemic, it has been quite apparent that our CDC and other government agencies have not been precisely on top of the truth about this virus. Yet, they have imposed many mandates on our citizens without having complete knowledge about the virus.

This is America, and if you’re a citizen of this great nation, you have certain rights that many nation’s do not enjoy. One of those precious rights is your right to decide what, if any drugs you inject into your body.

I do not believe that (at this current juncture) we as a nation are at the stage where Joe Biden or his Administration should mandate forced vaccinations. If we get to the point where millions of our citizens are becoming victims and death results from those millions of infections, we can talk about a nationwide plan, but currently, we are far away from those actions.

Just as I believe that no government has the right to blackmail or threaten you into having to receive a vaccination, I feel the same about being forced to wear a mask. There should be no mask mandates as well.

However, if a business is privately owned and the owner requires you to wear a mask to enter, they have that right as owners of those businesses. You have the right not to patronize that business.

This is the United States of America. We still have a Constitution which grants us inalienable rights under that Constitution. As your next United States Congressman, I can promise you this much. I will fight every day for your rights guaranteed to you under this founding document. I will never ever bow to political pressure which takes any of those rights away from you.

⁠— Ezra Scott, Candidate for U.S. Congress – 12/21/21